Sunday Walk to the Larchmont Farmer's Market


I absolutely hate going to the gym. But I still have a membership. Bleh. I hate that, the thought that "I might want to go sometime so I'll keep paying $36 a month." I'm trying to ween myself off that and integrate more walking into my daily doings. Like parking as far as I can from my department door, or always taking the stairs when I am home and the past weekend, walking to the Larchmont Farmer's Market.

Larchmont Village is super close to my place. The Farmer's Market is 1.1 miles to be exact. I got my ipod all ready, *click*Pavement *click*HOLD. Got my flippy flops on and headed off for a healthy Sunday walk. On my way I saw the evidence of the fall coming in, or at least as much evidence LA can show (i.e. the pathetically changing leaves above).


The Larchmont Village Farmer's Market has a lot more non-food items than the Santa Monica one, such as orchids, handmade soaps, bath salts and jewelery. But the produce definitely is not as good. The market is held between 10 and 2, which means by the time I went (1:45... I procrastinate), the veges and fruits have been exposed to the fairly warm heat during the prime sun hours.


I got a small bag of lettuce which looked a bit wilted but I thought it would do well in the fridge with a damp paper towel. The vendor was kind enough to give it to me for free with a simple "Enjoy!" It was very nice of him but I did not indeed enjoy my wilted salad the next day. I did get my first batch of corn for this and last season and it was delicious steamed, cut off the cob & eaten with a knob of butter.


Gourmet Tamales' pork tamale (that was all they had left) was soo frickin good. I'm not a big tamale eater bc most time I think it's bland and needs a bucket of hot sauce. This one was so full of flavor, large enough to fill me up for lunch and the pork super moist.

But my failed buy was the very small 1/2 ciabatta from Rockenwagner. It was $2! I should have just walked away when the man told me the crazy ass price for a small chunk of bread. But my unwillingness to make a separate trip for bread got the best of me. I got ripped off bc the bread wasn't even as good the Il Fornaio ones at Trader Joe's. =P

Total spending=$6

The Gourmet Tamale Factory
119 N Maclay Ave
San Fernando, CA 91340


eatdrinknbmerry said...

have you ever been to the farmer's market in Santa Monica? just wondering, how Larchmont compares.

Pavement is good stuff. how appropriate since you're walking on the streets. hehe.

yoony said...

lol, i didn't even realize the pavement connection. haha.

the santa monica farmer's market is really good. i've only been to the saturday one but they have a certified organic section that carries really good produce. it's good to get there early though bc santa monica gets so bustling.
the larchmont one is much much smaller and honestly, crappier. i would go back for the tamale though.

do you go out to farmer's markets a lot? i am often too lazy to go all the way out to sm but when i do i am very happy with my purchases.