Childhood Mortar & Pestle


My friend C gave me this (my first) adorable mortar & pestle. When she was wee with the wee mortar & pestle, she helped her mom smash up cumin seeds. Now I use it to smash up coriander seeds.

{Thanks C. I feel very special} ;)


Santos said...

nice! i love stone mortar and pestles. that was sweet of your friend.

yoony said...

hi santos! i like the feeling of the seeds being crushed and stone ones have such a great texture for that. mashing things up in there is fun. :)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

yoony that's pretty cool. looks like you can do some serious business with that. you won't find that at surfas or BB&B haha. i need to get a mortar very soon. a lot of southeast asian cooking requires mashed up ingredients (garlic, ginger & chili).

happy friday! eat and drink lots!

yoony said...

this one is itty bitty and cute. i think i want to get a mommy mortar & pestle. hopefully i can find the same piggy kind. and yes, happy friday (finally)!

DexC said...

Teehee. Yoonypoony said "wee!" ♥you! --C