A Few Minutes Walk...Marouch


Boy lives only a 2-minute walk from Marouch but we always seem to forget about it when contemplating lunch or dinner destinations. After more than a year of living next to this Lebanese (Armenian & Middle Eastern) restaurant, we walked over there the past weekend expecting very delicious food which I've read many others rave about.


And it was soo good! We got Baba Ghanouge (Mtabal) and Kabab Combination (Lamb, Beef and Chicken) to share for a light dinner before heading out for the night. The nice smokey baba ghanouge and the pita bread went down pretty quickly. We are very susceptible to such addicting appetizer items and cannot stop our hands from reaching for "one more."

From the Kabab Combination I liked the lamb the best. The beef seemed a little dry but the whole dish was great. Stuffing little pockets of pita with bits of meat, rice, onion, yogurt and tahini was... mmmmm. Couldn't stop that either.

And to wash all this down we got a glass of Jallab (raisin & grape juice, honey, rose water, served with pine nuts and raisan). The rosewater really came through and it was refreshing to drink between each stuffed pocket. Although I do not like raisins and pine nuts, they did not impede the pleasure of the other ingredients. I see myself frequenting Marouch a lot more now that they got me hooked.

4905 Santa Monica Blvd


eatdrinknbmerry said...

yoony, armenian food is amazing. i had my first taste in NYC. i just went on the website, and the menu looks amazing. was it a total damage to the wallet?

yoony said...


i think the bill was under 30 including tax. so i guess it wasn't too cheap since we shared an entree. but definitely worth it. i am actually salivating thinking about it. lol. is armenian/middle eastern food prominent in NYC?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

new york is one diverse salad bowl. on one block you'll find asian, the next block it'll be greek. i saw quite a few armenian/persian places. the one i went to happened to be in midtown NY and was reasonably priced. we had lamb/pork/beef kabobs, eggplant and saffron ice cream!!! all for like $60 with wine. now that's cheap eats in NY.

yoony said...

wow that is cheap. have you tried the ice cream at mashti malone's? i like their saffron, rose water and pistachio ice cream.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

is that in LA? i've never heard of it, but i'm definitely up for trying saffron ice cream.

yoony said...

it's on la bread & sunset i think. here is my post: http://immaeatchu.blogspot.com/2005/08/horror-film-ice-cream-ribs-perfect.html
they also sell cookies and such and ice cream by the pint. the rosewater ice cream is intense at first but it's creamy and refreshing.