Sunset Junction Beer Garden@Good


I had a damn good time at my first Sunset Junction Street Fair this year, made more enjoyable by the fact that Good had a "beer garden" with Flying Dog Classic Pale Ale and Hoegaarden on tap. It was so meltingly hot the whole weekend but that first cold sip of beer (on both days) made the heat worth it.

The few times I've been to Good, it hasn't really been ... well, good. Good is a beer specialty bar/restaurant, usually empty, playing cheesy music and overwhelmed by its dining area instead of having a great accessible bar. It has a lot of good domestic and imported beers but only three are on tap. It's one of the most boring bars I've been too but with one with a pretty extensive beer list.

Now back to the beers...


Flying Dog brewpub was first established in 1990 in Aspen, Colorado, by George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre. Now days they brew their delicious beers in Denver at their state-of-the-art facility. If anyone has seen the Flying Dog bottle labels, they are designed with crazy but cool illustrations of dogs doing dog things by Ralph Steadman, a British cartoonist, author, printmaker and also illustrator for the late Hunter S. Thompson.

"If art, whether it's the art of beer making or the visual arts, is our first language then dogs are our second. Not those pampered show dogs, but everyday mutts that chase their own tails and bark at the moon. These guys are a reflection of the people we strive to be, carefree and spontaneous, rough around the edges but with real charm." www.flyingdogales.com

Funny, charming philosophy and delicious beer. No complaints from me.


Now Hoegaarden is a Belgian white beer. Sooo delicious. Hoegaarden Brewery was found in 1966 when Pierre Celis "revived the witbier tradition ... when he created a beer with the traditional ingredients of water, yeast, wheat, hops, coriander and dried Curacao orange peel." Answers.com

This beer has a beautiful soft yellow hue, cloudy from the suspended wheat proteins, a light taste of coriander, gentle carbonation, and always refreshing. It's very drinkable, an everyday beer. A very special everyday beer that is.


What happened to the food? I ate a few things at the Street Fair but the only one worth mentioning is the Hawaiian bbq from Brody's. Delicious teriyaki marinated chicken with pineapple toppings on top of fluffy white rice. Good prep for my tummy before the beers. ;)

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