How to Make the Most of Your "Sick Day"

9:00am Eat meat-filled buns and watch movie in pajamas

11:30am Drink Brasserie Dupont's Biere de Miel to wet lunch appetite

1:00pm Eat korean bbq at Shik Do Rak with a large bottle of OB Lager
cha dol bae gi - thin, unmarinated slices of beef brisket point
galbi jumulluk - unmarinated chunks of boneless short rib
doenjang jjigae - bean paste soup with beef, zucchini & tofu

2:30pm Go into food coma and take a 2 hour nap on couch in front of tv with gentle fan on

7:00pm Eat dak kalgooksoo (handcut noodles w/chicken) take-out from Olympic Kalgooksoo

8:00pm Drink a glass of Spanish red. [Finca Sobreno Tinta de Toro]

Then, Good night!


Daily Gluttony said...

Amen sister. A perfect schedule.

For me, "sick" days are all about going to eat at places that I can't normally get to on the weekdays or that are too crowded at night or on the weekends!

stef said...

man, this post almost makes me wish to be sick. AND be in LA when I get sick.

yoony said...


are you from LA originally? i want/need to be sick again, soon.