The Inevitable Everyone-Has-to-Participate-Work-Brunch

Everytime someone leave my work we have a work brunch (unless they aren't special enough). A sign-up sheet for food gets passed around with a good-bye card, in which most people write the same "good luck" and "nice knowing you" even if they rarely ever talked to them in the office.

It seems kind of silly that I should have to write "good byes" and "good lucks" to someone I don't even normally talk to. And it also seems silly that I participate in the brunch when I don't even want to eat any of the food.

It's usually loaded with soda, chips, cookies, super fattening pastries, cheese dips, bottled salsa. All things I usually do not want to put into my mouth at 9 in the morning, or even ever. I usually bring simple stuff like nuts or carrots. Sometimes I don't bring anything in which case I do not eat anything. Fair enough.

One time I actually decided to put in a lil bit more effort and made mini breakfast burritos with chicken sausage, spanish potatoes and scrambled egg. It was good but probably a one-time event. It's just not worth the effort. I would rather save the $20. But today I was going to bring frittata which is easy to make and would have been good for my leftover basil and parsley. I completely forgot.

It's safe to say my mind is completely blank when I wake up in the morning and any plans or to-dos I thought of the night before has flown out the window during the night. I remembered about 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. Hmmm...what to do. Settled for a jar of Starburst. Oh well. I usually criticize the abundance of junk food at these brunches but what the hell difference does it make if I bring my jar of Starburst.

Unfortunately, among the good home-made eggroll and bread pudding I had today, I committed a crime to my taste buds. I had supermarket sushi. Ewww. At first I quickly walked away from the gelatinous rice and low-quality fish and weird vegetable fillings. But later on when I realized all the eggrolls were plundered my mind began to break down. The part of my brain which tells me "supermarket sushi is a crime to your tastebuds" shut down and I did it. I ate them. Four of them. I feel guilty. And disgusting. I will have to drink many glasses of delicious beer later in order to redeem myself.

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