A Simple Frenchy Dinner


Sometimes when I come home from work, time-consuming or even slightly time-consuming dinner seems quite unattractive. Of course I can resort to frozen or pouch foods, but I like to reserve those for lunch when I am running late for work and have to fly out the door. And I guess I can take-out or go out for dinner, but that in itself takes monetary and caloric consequences.

Hence, the simple frenchy dinner. Fluffy cheese omelet with French salad and rustic bread. Appropriately, the bag of pre-washed mixed lettuce is called the "Parisian Mix." Although, inappropriately the rustic bread you see in the picture is a ciabatta.

For the omelet I used 6 eggs and two slices of aged cheddar (for two people). The key to a good omelet is to not overcook the eggs and keep it fluffy. When folded over and served, the middle should still be very moist and cheese oozy melted. For the dressing I used a dollop of dijon mustard, few drizzlings of red wine vinegar, many turns of the black pepper mill, garlic, extra virgin olive oil. I think this is my favorite dressing to date.

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