A Late-Summer Redemption BBQ


Somehow I spent the whole summer without bbq-ing once. Completely pathetic considering it's a yearly tradition that isn't that hard to accomplish. Eating a mound of grilled foods and drinking cold beer... not really what I consider "homework." Trying to redeem myself for not taking advantange of the beautiful LA weather and my parent's convenient gas grill I barely fit my first and last summer 2005 bbq in during mid-September.

After a short debate of what to cook I settled on a classic: the hamburger. I used about 3 lbs of ground chuck from Whole Foods. I tried to get this coarse grated but for some really dumb reason they didn't have a coarse grinder. I formed the patties and sprinkled a good amount of salt and pepper only on the exterior right before grilling to assist in forming a crust. The toppings were simple: tomato slices, iceburg lettuce, red onion, aged cheddar, mayo, dijon and most importantly Trader Joe's organic ketchup. The TJ ketchup cannot be substituted for. Just too delicious. Some thousand island dressing and pickles would have been good too.

I like my burgers simple. But must have melted cheese and grilled buns.

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