Sanamluang Cafe

I had noodle in mind the whole day. I heard about the General's Noodle: thin egg noodles with bits of pork, duck and shrimp in a clear, garlicky broth. Yumm. Pretty sure about my choice I went to Sanamluang just to have this noodles. And then I buckled.

The menu had so many items and pictures (like any other Thai menu). Actually one of them was pretty funny: "Satae Served with Triangles of White Bread." Weird and so ghetto looking.

Anyways, I got distracted and orded the BBQ Pork Over Rice. It was okay. Definitely not something I would order again. The dish was half BBQ pork and half chinese sausage over some jasmine rice. Arg, I knew I should have gotten some noodles. Next time.

bbq pork

sanampad thai
vege pad thai

The Beef Balls On Sticks appetizer was okay too. I would prefer to have the sweet and sour sauce served separately rather than on the same plate. I'm not a big pad thai fan of pad that but their Vegetarian Pad Thai was good. One flaw was that the peanut bits and bean sprouts were served on one side of the plate making it very difficult to mix.

I think all the dishes together were a little too sweet. I wanted some of that crazy Thai spiciness

Sanamluang Cafe is a good place to go to get a cheap meal in cheap style (plastic plates and cups). But make sure you try some good noodles and not the above-mentioned items. Pad Kee Mao is supposed to be very good. Any other recommendations?

Sanamluang Cafe
5176 Hollywood Blvd

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