Barebone Service at Barefoot

Saturday was a beautiful Southern California day. Perfect weather, light traffic and no work. A perfect setting for a great weekend lunch with friends. The only ingredient missing was the great weekend lunch.

Barefoot popped my weekend bubble. Our waiter was horrible, my plate was dirty, no one would clean up the previous party's trash, the patio tables were very scratched up, my dish and my boy's dish were not great and our mimosas were too orange juice heavy. Whew.

I had Brioche French Toast. The french toast came topped with sauteed apples which were cold. That didn't make sense to me at all. Warm french toast + cold sauteed apples=good? It seems common sense to serve warm apples on top of warm french toast. My boy's breakfast burrito came adorned with an ugly piece of grilled scallion. It was draped over the burrito like a wilted weed that's been burned with a lighter. The burrito was okay but not recommendable. The eggs were overcooked and the burrito lacked that soft, sort of mushy unity burritos usually have.

I can't trust a place that sells sushi without a sushi bar and jumps around the menu from pizza to sesame seared tuna to breakfast burrito.

8722 W. Third St.


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Moorthy Machendran said...
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