Colorado Wine Company: Sunday Tasting


Drinking wine is fun. Eating cheese and wine is yummy. Add good music and welcoming hosts. You have Colorado Wine Company's Sunday Wine Tasting!


This Sunday's tasting was entitled: "A Surfboard on a Ferrari: Cal-Italia Tasting." Two whites and two reds, Italian varietals grown in California. I was particularly interested to try the Arneis wine because I had never even heard of that grape before. It was so delicious I had to get a bottle of it. The owners are very friendly, easy to talk to and fun. Various cheeses were set out for us eager tasters including parmesan and gouda. The wine was poured heavy and we even got to get an extra glass at the end of our favorite! All for $10.

The store has a gallery vibe with paintings that hang across from shelves of wine. There is also a small collection of Cole Gerst's band posters, including Yo La Tengo, The Shins and Eels, which gives the place another level of atmosphere and artsy comfort.

It's fun, delicious and cheap! Perfect for me.

Mosby Pinot Grigio 2003, Santa Barbara
Enotria Arneis 2002, Mendocino (my fav)
Chameleon Barbera 2002, Lake County
Mosby Dolcetto 2001, Santa Barbara

Colorado Wine Company
2114 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

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