Bahn Mi in Silverlake

KP’s Deli has been open only twelve weeks. The owner, Khoung Pham, is a native of the Los Angeles area. The spot is little and you have to enter through a common door shared with a travel agency. There are interesting books about Vietnamese culture and packaged products on sale, such as spring roll wrappers and shrimp crackers. I tried a sample of the coconut butter cracker while I hungrily waited for my bahn mi.

The pulled chicken bahn mi is delicious, full of flavor and texture. Crispy baguette with chicken, pickled carrots and daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro, Maggi sauce and mayo. The Chopped Salad is refreshing and also delicious. It has shrimp, pork, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, sesame seed, mint, cilantro and fish sauce reduction. The menu is pretty compact but everything sounds great.

KP’s: A Vietnamese American Deli
2616 Hyperion Ave. Suite B

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Sim-Jong said...

I first read about KP in Los Angeles magazine's edition of 'Best of LA' and was surprised to learn there was bahn mi in Silverlake! I agree it is pretty good stuff overall and it fills a certain dearth of available Vietnamese food in the area. However, the sandwiches still lack a certain gritty accuracy that bahn mi in Chinatown or Little Saigon can carry. Prices and quality are all upgraded for a "white" palate. But I'm glad it's here though.