Yay for Yai

After reading Santos's delicious post of a few Thai restaurants I straight headed over to Yai, her favorite of the group, to try some of the wonderful sounding dishes. My mouth is getting watery just thinking about the food now. Here is what we tried...

Gai sapp nok...
This was a nice and spicy dish of ground chicken and curry. Perfect over fluffy jasmine rice to soak up some of the juices and also provide a little relief from the chiles.


The sole was also nice and spicy. Although at the time I didn't think that it was that spicy, when I had it for lunch the next day my tongue was kind of starting to burn up. I enjoy that though. :)


Delicious chicken satay with the ubiquitous plate accessory - white bread. Who started this? I thought it funny the first time I saw white bread come out with an appetizer at Sanamluang.

Black egg pow...
This was my first taste of preserved egg. Although it looks kind of scary it was delicious. I didn't expect such a soft silky texture. I loved the heap of fried basil on top of this dish. I wouldn't mind having a bowl of rice with just the fried basil leaves and some soy sauce. Truly delicious.

We also tried the dry bbq duck noodles which I loved! Okay, I loved everything. I really enjoyed the brothy sauce and the bean sprouts at the bottom. The duck meat was tender and delicious and plenty to go around.

All of us enjoyed our lunch and we stuffed ourselves. And who would have thought that the little Thai restaurant in the tiny strip mall could serve it up so good? I never even noticed the place before. But thank god for food bloggers or else I would have never known!

5757 Hollywood Blvd


Jeni said...

Yoony...EDNBM and I hit up Yai..it's good stuff! Yea, I don't get the slices of bread either. Sanamluang too. I've always wondered about that growing up!

yoony said...

i've noticed the ghetto white bread at phillip's bbq too! weird~. i need to go back to yai for pad kee mow comparison.

rick james said...

Yai i'm going!

Kirk said...

That Black Egg Pow is a killer dish!