Squash Blossoms


Here is my first attempt at deep frying and squash blossoms. I can't say it was completely a success since I adore the ones at AOC and Hungry Cat, but the first few were delicious. You can see the beautiful color of the squash blossoms through the thin batter. Although this is quite visually enjoyable I want to achieve a more crunchy tempura like batter next time. I must be crazy to want to fry in this weather but the thought of waiting until next summer to have squash blossoms again makes me panic.

I stuffed these with ricotta and goat cheese. The ricotta was full of moisture and I didn't have the forethought to drain it a little bit. Duh! So by the last frying squash blossom these cheese was leaking out of the flower. And of course I was freaking out from a few feet away. I thought the oil was going to explode or something at this point. See? No deep frying experience over here.

I'm not so into frying at home although I love fried foods. The hot weather right now, the hot oil splattering over my hands and stove, cleaning and disposing of the oil - not my ideal way to enjoy food. But squash blossoms are worth it. I'm going to give another go this weekend.

Now that I'm no longer a frying virgin (hehe that sounds weird) I guess I can move onto all those wonderful foods I've been avoiding making at home. Fried chicken, tempura, fried shrimp and oysters, and fries. Mmmm~!


han nah said...

if you need someone to eat some of the squash blossoms you make this weekend, you know who to call...

you know i love me my squash blossoms..

rick james said...

that looks bad ass! gimme some now!!!!!

jenjen said...

oh these look so good. I love the delictae crunch when you bite into one of these. truly a delight.

Grant said...

The blossoms look and sound great. When my BF and I went to AOC a few weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary (7 years) we got an order of their squash blossoms. Amazing! And I am with you, sister, on frying at home. It's just such a mess. Although I made fried chicken once. Once was enough.

yoony said...

hi hannah,

no squash blossoms are cooking of any sort this weekend! i was just melting and being miserably hot. bleh.

hi ron,

how was san dimas this weekend? probably not squash blossom cooking sort of weather either?

hi jenjen,

i think i can have a serious addiction to squash blossoms. the texture is indeed lovely. i'm craving some now! i wish i could recreate the aoc squash blossoms! they are amazing.

hi grant,

congratulations on your anniversary! glad to hear it was celebrated with such delicious food. :)