Raspberry Pavlova


I'm not too into sweets and would almost always prefer ending a meal with a cheese plate with the last sips of my wine than get a dessert. What can I say? I am a savory gal.

But pavlovas, that's another story. Now here's a dessert I can definitely have lots of in one sitting. Pavlova is basically a meringue base with whipped cream topped with fresh fruit. In this case, beautiful apricot-hued raspberries tumbled upon a pile of freshly whipped cream upon a light meringue base that just melts in your mouth. There is no frickin way that can't be good.

I like the cool milkiness of the freshly whipped cream sans sugar, the sweet juiciness of the berries and the crunchy light meringue. I've tried strawberries but I am partial to raspberries for this dessert. Everyone I've made pavlova for absolutely loves it. Including me. :)


Luisa said...

That is the most gorgeous-looking plate of dessert I've seen in a long time. Lucky you!

justinsloe said...

pavlova looks delicious

the raspberries look like caviar

yoony said...

hi luisa,

thanks for stopping by! i limited myself of 1 beautiful pavlova. trying to be good. :) but the pav in the pic is one i assembled for my mom, who said how can one eat something so pretty. of course i told her she better eat it!

hi justin,

i'm glad the raspberries aren't caviar. does this mean you want me to use a different color when i make yours?

mooncici said...

wow - this looks so loooooveeeellllyyyyy...

♥dex said...

Wasn't it me who commissioned the first lovely pavlova?

At this one, most skilled you have become.

Yummy Ewe-Nee-Corn!

yoony said...

hi dexcee,

i looked back on my blog, i made both you AND andrei pavlovas! strawberry for you and raspberry for him. i love berries! can't wait til you come back. then we eat like crazy. :)