My brother alerted me to the delicious pad kee mow at Sanamluang a few years ago. At first bite I was addicted. The food here is fast, cheap and delicious. Perfect for a drop-by dinner before an activity, such as watching The Pirates of the Carribean.

So we drove down Hollywood Blvd. Of course when we got there the parking situation was ridiculous, the parking lot being extremely small and this being LA. But no biggie, we parked a block down. I figured I could count the short walk as exercise. My friend H said no. But how about round trip? That could equal out a quarter-mile I said. She laughed, I think in agreement.


We started with their eggrolls, which I find to be delicious minus the celery slices. These eggrolls are a good size, so pleasingly crunchy and steaming hot inside. Good thing H and I are good friends, because double dipping is essential to finishing each eggroll. I guess you could dip the ends, avoiding double dipping, but it doesn't soak up much of the sauce the exposed side does.


The we got the shrimp salad. This came piled high with cilantro and I could see all the marinating juice at the bottom of the plate ready to be slopped up by shrimp, leaves and all. The shrimp were a bit small but moist and cooked perfectly. The marinade was pungent, not too spicy, fragrant with lemongrass, fish sauce and cilantro. This one was tad sweeter than the one I used to have a Palms Thai. I haven't been to Palms Thai in years. Maybe it's time for comparison dining!


Then finally we waited for the pad kee mow, the dish I was raving about. Then came pad prik king. Question marks floated over my head. A communication flop had deprived me of my pad kee mow!! Nooooo! The waitress looked a little peeved about the mistake although the mistake is certainly in her ears. This problem was quickly rectified within less than 10 minutes and a hot plate of pad kee mow came to our table. Ground beef, aromatic basil, ground chili, and soft pillowy rice noodles - what more can I ask for? It's awfully delicious. Period.

Full of so much good food, I nearly got food coma. I hung on by a thread and we headed off to the theater after my exercise walk back to the car. Unfortunately it was a box breaking weekend for the PoTC and we couldn't get tickets. Instead I went to Boy's to watch tv and so sweetly gave him the leftover pad kee mow. Then I ate all of it. Hehe.

Sadly, I think Sanamluang and Palms Thai are the only two Thai restaurants I've been to in Thai Town. Fortunately Santos from The Scent of Green Bananas reviewed a few delicious options on her LA Blog. I warn you, the photos on her blog will make you drool!

5170 Hollywood Blvd


Stephen Chiang said...

Sanamluang was my favorite place until I went to Yai (down the street in the 7-11/California Donuts strip center). Everything I've had at Yai has been delicious. My favs are Pork on Chinese Broccoli, Pad Kee Mow (with ground beef), and 10,000 yr old egg special (fried with chili, garlic and mint).

yoony said...

yai is exactly where i want to go this weekend! everything you and santos have mentioned sounds delicious.

justinsloe said...

me and yoony and yai

sounds like a plan :-)

yoony said...

let's do sunday lunch at yai. my mouth keeps watering thinking about it. anyone else up for sunday lunch?

Santos said...

waaah, i want that pad kee mow, it looks delicious. i would certainly be disappointed with pad prik king (which i like but just like, not love) if that came my way instead.

i really, really like yai and can't wait for the next time i can get up there. looking forward to your review--i'm drooling already!

rick james said...

i swear all those thai places all start sounding the same after awhile... can't tell them apart... something-alamat or aladung or whatevers..