Roast Lamb & Chorizo Wrap with Feta & Lemon-Cumin Yogurt


Boy and I have been proscrastinating this season so far about getting concert tickets and all. But last minute we decided to goto the Belle & Sebastian show at the Hollywood Bowl. We had been wishy washy about going, so ticket buying had been pushed all around last month until we pretty much forgot about the concert. But then spontanaeity hit and lucky us, the Hollywood Bowl site still showed many areas with available seats.

Then the next obvious question for me is: what do we eat?? I mulled over the ingredients in my fridge... what did I have? lavash, mixed spring greens, feta, yogurt. And lucky me, I had frozen leftover roasted lamb with chorizo stuffing from a dinner few weeks ago. I defrosted a slice in the microwave and sliced it very thin. Piled up the sliced lamb along with the chorizo stuffing on the lavash. Scattered sliced scallion and greek feta on top of that. Sprinkled on a handful of lettuce and beautiful wrap it became. And in the process used up all the bits and scraps in my fridge. I liiike.


I packed a bottle of pinot noir, Boy grabbed a few bottles of Franzikaner Hefe Weisse and off we went heading towards the Hollywood hills. We were even lucky enough to find a parking spot a few blocks away.

Finally we got to the box office. Tickets were sold out!!! Arg! Their website totally lied. I hate lying websites. The only seats available now were obstructed for over $40. Are you kidding me? Forget that bullshit. Good thing I had something delicious with me or else a bowl employee would have had to taken a fall for the lying website.

Instead I concentrated on the wrap. Boy looked around a little bit for tickets but I had already decided that I wanted to sit down and eat at that point. Actually I was pretty excited about the wrap - the lamb was so moist and flavorful, and the thought of creamy whole milk yogurt tinged with cumin and lemon juice over the moist lamb made me park the ticket situation far back in my mind.

So we sat, while concert goers continued to pass us. Bastards! No, it's not their fault the site lied... Bastards! We got a few glances at our wraps from passerbys (I would like to think jealous ones). The wrap was indeed delicious and numerous people carrying in CPK should have been jealous. And then traded their tickets for the lamb wraps!

This wrap should be sold in a shack. A drive by shack perhaps. Of course one that serves cold beer. Duh.


♥dex said...

Ewe-Nee Smith's Pub & Wrap Shack

I can see it now!

yoony said...

haha, ewe (nee) serving lamb.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Looks sooooooooooo good. I LOVE wraps. Good way to use your leftovers, although hardly any of us are lucky (or skilled) enough to have lamb stuffed with chorizo in our fridges!!! I hope you at least could hear the strains of B&S from where you were outside. And I hate when tix sell out- I'm still trying to get over the whole Radiohead thing. Guess you have to be a celebrity to get those. Argh!

Grant said...

I've been putting together a picnic kit to use for sailboating, movies at Hollywood Forever and of course the bowl. We have tickets to see The Gotan Project at the bowl in August and I'm already trying to decide what to make. This wrap sounds like it would be perfect. Thank you so much.

yoony said...

hi tokyoastrogirl,

i tried so hard to get radiohead tickets too! well, for the whole 10 minutes they were actually available. :p i think all the dumb ticket scalping websites buy them out from ticketrapist. anyhow, i love wraps too. it's easy, fast and casual - essential for summer cooking.

hi grant,
picnic for sailboating? that sounds fun! i'll probably goto gotan too and a few of the hollywood forever screenings. i better get thinkin on my menu too! maybe we can swap some food if we run into each other. :) we'll probably make the same suzanne goin dish or something. haha!

Yoonyang said...

Sucks that it sold out! You going to the Bloc Party/Broken Social Scene concert at the Greek on Aug. 2nd?

yoony said...

hi yoonyang! ooh, i didnt even know about bloc party. sounds cool!

Santos said...

yoony, that wrap sounds delicious! i'm sorry you couldn't make it to the show, it was really wonderful. ah well. (i've already got my tickets for massive attack /tv on the radio, i think i'll plan on doing your lamb wrap too!)dmb

eatdrinknbmerry said...


i am also broken-hearted about not getting RH tickets. i was fortunately lucky enough to see them back in 2003 at the bowl where they actually played their old stuff like "Creep". i certainly hope you guys have tickets for T.Corporation... we should meet up! i'll have a cooler full of drinks and some food. This is the day AFTER the catering event though, so we'll see how much food i CAN cook. the food looks awesome as always. you're smart!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

it's not ticketrapist. it's ticketBASTARD!!!

yoony said...

hi santos,
i'll be sure to meet up with you for sips of wine at the massive attack show. i better get my tickets! :) no delaying this time.

p.s. package of edibles soon to arrive to guam!

hi dylan,
we're not going to thievery. but plan on going to gotan. i'm definitely down for some food and drinks then! i've heard about shim se gumi before - the ramen to be exact. it looks delicious.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

i'll be at the zero 7/gotan for sure. Massive attack also. we'll meet up.

if you like yakitori, you have to try Shin Sen Gumi - great stuff.