Hot Weekend Things


I had grand plans for squash blossoms and tapas with roasted pepper relish livened up with raisan, capers and parsley. For a simple tomato salad with fleur de sel and peppery olive oil and pasta bianco with shavings of pecorino and black pepper.

But I did none of that. Zero. In fact, I could barely move this whole weekend. When is this heat and humidity going to stop? Earth please have mercy on us cooks!

After late escapading til 5 on Friday, I woke up Saturday mid-morning contemplating whether to head over to the Santa Monica farmer's market. But it was already hot and I thought about my previously made plans to deep fry some squash blossoms. Hmmm... stay home and watch tv and nap. Or goto the farmer's market so I can deep fry on one of the hottest days of this season.

I stayed home. Ate a bowl of my mom's turnip soup made with a light beef broth, mixed grain rice, and kimchi. This is my ideal breakfast anytime - Korean soup that is. So then I napped, watched TV. Rolled around my living room as the day got hotter and hotter. I watched 4 episodes of a Korean drama called Dae Jang Geum. It's about a royal cook way back in the days. It's frickin awesome and there is a lot of food shots in there. I believe there is a dvd version of it with subtitles. Really educational and so intriguing. Anyhow, that is what I did until Boy came over around lunch time.

Then we ate spicy chicken and potatoes with mushroom and red peppers. Rice, scallion salad, and a bowl of the turnip soup. Ahh, life is good when the fridge is stocked with previously made food. Then we watched Miller's Crossing on IFC as we tried to cool down unsuccessfully. Oh did I mention that the AC is broken? Yip.

Instead we sat in front of a plug in air conditioner named Narita. Narita really did try her best but dammit, we were melting and melting. It was horrible.

Then it was time to eat again. We ordered Korean-Chinese food from Mandarin House. Some Chinese meatballs, yaki dumplings, and jiajangmyun. I got full. It was still hot. I could not move. Bleh.

Then Sunday came about. Boy and I headed over to Cactus Tacqueria for lunch. Ate on one of their benches. It was hard to breathe but the tacos were so good I survived. Then off to see Strangers with Candy at the Sunset Laemmle. Hallelujah! The theater was so well air-conditioned that I almost even got goosebumps at one point. The movie was funny, I was nicely chilled and happy. Until we left that is. I told Boy maybe we should go back inside for another movie since neither of our places are air conditioned and at $10/2 hr it's probably the cheapest thing we could do.


Instead we headed over to Santa Monica to get a drink at Father's Office. It was hot, but a tiny bit better on the oceanside of town. There was a short wait but we got in and got ourselves bar seats. Chilled glasses of Russian River's Pliny the Elder brought back a bit of happiness to our lives. We sipped and ate their soft-shell crab with corn relish, which was excellent by the way. Then a basket of the sweet potatoes fries with roasted garlic cabrales aioli came our way. It was excellent as usual. Unfortunately, with the heat and the exhaustion that comes with it, the glass of double IPA did not sit well with my head. Pounding ensued. Sigh.

So we headed to Boy's place to watch Deadwood. It was 89 degrees in his place. Ai yai yai. I am really looking forward to this week of cooling down. The food this weekend was excellent and delicious but I want to cook for a change without melting away!

How was everyone else's weekend?


♥dex said...

Oh, yay!

I felt like I was there with you two, sweating all over the place!

Miss Ewe and Smiffy.

justinsloe said...

Yoony, you were also watching the K-drama when I was there. Good ole k-dramas!!!

Acme Instant Food said...

Well, it seems that I did your tapas thing for you this weekend.

I will say that without a doubt--you were smarter than I! Too hot!!!

God I'm craving sweet potato fries and beer right now.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

i heard father's office got busted by the fire marshall. i don't wanna endure the wait anymore! it's bad enough as it is to get their cart of fries and burger. i miss their beer.

yoony said...

hi dexcee,

seriously i have never sweated so much in my life. not even when working out! craziness.

hi acme,

i'm craving your tapas! fortunately this weekend won't be as hot. maybe we'll both cook it up without melting. :)

hi dylan,

yes to the fire marshalling but being inside is much more enjoyable when you're not getting elbowed. waiting outside sucks but the room and calm inside is a huge improvement. good for the civilized people. :)

Yoonyang said...

I still haven't tried Father's Office! : (

Jeni said...

I found free wireless at Sabor Y Cultura Cafe on Hollywood Blvd from 3-5. That's been my free cool-down treat. Gonna hit up the library next week! I think most LA Public libraries have free wireless!

Keep cool Yoony.

yoony said...

hi jeni,

speaking of sabor y cultura, have you had their croissant sandwich with the ancho pepper jelly. i love that jelly! the coldest place i've found so far is the sunset laemmle and lucky devil's. i'll try out sabor. the good thing about that place is that it's spacious, not claustrophobic like other coffee shops.

yoony said...

hi ellen,

i think it's good that you didn't experience father's office back in the hell days. now you can go and actually enjoy your burger and sweet potato fries without wanting to kill anyone. :) let's go eat there sometime!

Gustad said...

i really need to try squash blossoms. thye sound soo tasty

Anonymous said...

i LOVE Dae Jang Geum, too. such a seductive combo of cinderella melodrama with that AMAzing food.


Santos said...

hey yoony, i heard they're opening up a branch of father's office in the helms building, maybe in that open space near hd buttercup...?