Mac & Cheese... Pepper Jack, Pecorino & Parmesan


Aren't these a beauty? I got them at Surfas, my favorite place in the whole wide world. I go there all the time anyways but it's especially a treat if I'm having a bad day. It cheers me up to go down every aisle and check meticulously for any new products they have in stock or if something jumps out at me that I previously overlooked. Hey, buying a pack of Nueske's bacon to look pretty in my fridge is better than looking down an empty pint of Ben & Jerry's right?


Anyhow, I thought mac & cheese for Boy and I for a Friday evening would be perfectly comforting and relaxing, which is definitely in order at the end of a work week. Plus I got to use up all the cheese that had been sitting around my fridge which included pepper jack, pecorino and parmesan. The pepper jack actually got kind of moldy but I just cut those parts off and still used it. I have never made a proper mac & cheese before and my version definitely wasn't proper at all. First off the base, the white sauce, was too watery. Too little roux (flour and butter cooked together over heat) and too much milk! But it's mac & cheese, how can you make it wrong unless you overcook the pasta?

I didn't overcook the pasta but Boy didn't have any salt at his apartment except for a measly teaspoon of sea salt I left there way back in the day! It was bland but still yummy. I took the leftovers home and reseasoned it, thank god. Lots more salt, black pepper and a gentle sprinkle of cayenne. Then froze it for another day since I'm supposed to be eating extra healthy.

Well except today since I brought it for lunch!


justinsloe said...

it was delicious

(I got salt now!)

yoony said...

yay you got salt!

justinsloe said...

figured it's better than yoony getting salty ;-)

yoony said...

yes, you are very correct there. salted food is much more pleasant than salted yoony!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Believe it or not, i actually prefer Mac n' Cheese out of a box. I can make it as juicy/cheesy as i like with the addition of extra butter/milk. Ha!

Going up to SF soon, we made a reservation for Chez Panisse but quickly cancelled once we found out it was $85 prix fixe!

yoony said...

any mac n cheese box you recommend? well i've only tried annie's and those were ok. i'm not into the whole powdered cheese thing.

:/ no chez panisse? yeah it is expensive but they get most of their ingredients from local areas, super fresh.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

haha i just get Kraft. it's fine with me. i love powdered cheese! i know it's immoral for you to not buy fresh cheese haha.

yeah, gonna have to pass on chez panisse for now until i win the lottery.

yoony said...

i'm not a big fan of kraft american cheese except in a regular grilled cheese, but i tore up a piece into my mac n cheese and it was delicious.

u think it be good just to cook pasta and then put it in the microwave with few slices of am cheese? it'll certainly be cleaner.