Grilled Skirt Steak with Artichoke-Potato Hash and Black Olive Aioli


While referring back to the Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook I noticed a few pleasant details that previously escaped me - the title of each recipe is in lower case and color-organized by seasons. I liiiike! This particular dish's name was dressed in a springy green. :) Enough of my random musings... this grilled skirt steak dish was delicious!


Delicious with some artichoke-potato hash, black olive aioli, and a sprinkling of arugula. Delicious under the cool LA sky at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In fact it was the perfect meal paired with Maharaja IPA to fill our tummies before watching The Philadelphia Story presented by Cinespia at, yes, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was a lovely time indeed and Boy loved the dish. Oh yes, this was a little outing I planned and kept a surprise for Boy. I thought it would be fun to take turns each month planning a little outing or a little surprise for each other. So I made some food, packed up a blanket, told Boy to pack a beer and picked him up and drove over to this lovely summer event. :)

The dish itself was not hard to make although I could think of a thousand things better to do than prep artichokes. I got through it ok though - there were only 12 baby artichokes and also The History Channel's UFO show kept me entertained. Although there were only 12 baby artichokes, it felt like it took forever! And it also looked like it took forever too because a lot of the artichokes got brown spots even in the lemon water. I think less water, smaller bowl, and more lemon would be a good idea next time. Oh and faster work by my hands definitely.

The skirt steak, browned baby artichokes, crispy on the edges crumbled Yukon Gold potatoes, the aioli with smashed up oil-cured olives (I took the easy road and used mayo), and the peppery arugula leaves all came together deliciously in each bite. How can one not like hash?! Especially when it comes with all the fixins! The layering of flavors in many of Suzanne Goin's recipes prove to be just way delicious! And deliciousness makes me happy. And it makes Boy happy too.


BoLA said...

This looks delicious! And what a fun evening out! Your idea of planning little surprises and outings...GREAT idea!

Yoonyang said...

Gotta admit, that looks pretty delish. Plus, I luv Philadelphia Story! I'm a huge fan of Katherine Hepburn. She's iconic of those legendary Hollywood actresses who have withstood the test of time.

Grant said...

How good is this recipe. I could just sit and eat the aioli with a spoon.

I have a question, since we both seem to be fans of Suzanne's book. I've noticed a lot of recipes calling for a chile de arbol. Some of them note that they should be dried but most of them don't specify whether they are fresh or dried. I've not been able to find fresh ones anywhere, so I just mince up the dry ones. Are the dried chiles an acceptable substitution? What are your thoughts on this dilema?

yoony said...

everything was so good!unfortunately i had so much aioli left and now it looks like it's gone bad (maybe not bad but brown). :/

i'm pretty sure all the recipes use dried chile de arbol. i was confused about the exact same thing and i asked an aoc cook about it and she said they were dried. so you're doing it right!

the use of dried chiles have been convenient though. i have a bag of it in my pantry, they keep forever and it's so cheap.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Yoony, what a fantastic meal. What did you use for the aioli? How did you marinade/cook the steak? Olive oil, S&P?

yoony said...

hi dylan,

the steak was marinated with chile de arbol, thyme & black pepper overnight. it was supposed to be grilled but i just seared it in a pan. the aioli was supposed to be 1/2 grapeseed oil and 1/2 olive oil i believe but i was lazy and used mayo. to which i added garlic and oil-cured olives. that's it!

Grant said...

Oh good. Thanks. I'm glad to get this cleared up. I really love what the chile and the thyme does to flavor the meat. I've used the same combination on pork chops as well and it worked great.

yoony said...

i love the smell of rosemary, chile arbol and onion cooking in olive oil. ooh, pork chops. have you made suzanne's brined pork chops? it's heavenly!