Asparagus & Romesco Crostini; Warm Arugula Salad with Balsamic, Parmesan & Pinenuts


I am like a crostini peddler, aren't I? But it's a perfect form of appetizer! I had to switch it up and make something new though for this particular class because LA Weekly's La Vida writer, Linda Immediato, was coming to check out the class. Yikes!

I made an crostini with roasted asparagus topped with romesco and gruyere then broiled for just a moment to achieve that browned cheese melty ooey goodness. There is something that just makes me so giddy and happy when I see cheese bubbling, getting crispy and brown in just the few right spots.


I also made a warm arugula salad with bacon, red onion and balsamic vinegar. This recipe was adapted from Jamie Oliver's in one of his cookbooks. Dude there is bacon in it and then it's topped with parmigiano reggiano and toasted pinenuts. How can it not be good? I have some pancetta lying around in my fridge. I think a warm salad is in order.


Marilyn's dessert: Mini Mile High Strawberry Pies

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