Croissant Bread Pudding


A while back I saw a recipe for almond croissants on Chocolate & Zucchini. Up to this point I had never even imagined that almond croissant was something that was done at home or that could be. It looked so delicious and just the thought of the warm aroma of almond croissants wafting through the kitchen got me all excited.

Armed with 6 croissants from Maison du Pain I finally gave the recipe a go. I dipped the croissants in a light sugar syrup, sliced it in half, and filled it with the almond cream made with almonds, butter, egg & sugar. Placed the top back on, spread a little bit on top and sprinkled sliced almonds over it. Popped it into the oven.

Out came out smelling delicious. But looking a little bit flat. Uh oh, I peeked under on of the croissant halves - the almond cream didn't set! Yikes, I don't know what the hell happenened but inside the croissant was watery and soggy. :/

I still ate one though. Well ate around the sogginess at least. (Maison du Pain croissants are delicious by the way). The almond croissants were supposed to be part of a gift for a friend but no way these were leaving my house. Instead I turned them into bread pudding and they got all puffy and pretty. The day was saved.


BoLA said...

Mmmm...bread pudding is always a good thing! =) Good save!

yoony said...

thanks bola! :) only if all baked goods were easy as to make as bread pudding, i'd be a very happy cook.

Yoonyang said...

I think that "friend" wants some more almond croissants or bread pudding -- soggy or not. They were damn good!

yoony said...

hi yellen,

glad you liked the bp. although i wish we could have had it straight from the oven (i mean the first time) bc it was so puffed up!

jenjen said...

This looks delicious!