Linguini with Bacon, Peas & Piave; Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus; Berry Crumble


Isn't he adorable?! That my friends E&T's dog Nicky. I house/dog-sat over the memorial day weekend and what an easy and awesome job that was. E&T stocked up their fridge with holy amounts of beer and also edible goodies including cheese, which they know I love! Seriously, how awesome is that? And Nicky is such an angel too. Can't you see the bright halo lighting his head in the photo above?


Saturday morning I woke up and I had some of the artisan flatbread and huge chunks of Saint Andre triple creme cheese for breakfast. Ahh, life is good. It was a relaxing weekend of hanging out with the dog and watching marathon-high numbers of Sex and the City dvds, much to Boy's misery.

I perused through a few of E's cookbooks including Nigella's, whose cookbooks are always a pleasure to read, being uber casual and non-fussy about food. But I spent the weekend being super lazy, eating Mexican food, Jack in the Box and more cheese. But the last day I decided to cook a little bit and leave something yummy for E&T when they got back from their trip Monday evening.

So here's what I made with a few stuff that was at their place and a few stuff I brought with me:


Linguini with Bacon, Peas and Piave...
I think I meant to make a carbonara variety but now that I look back I don't recall using an egg! This also needed more cheese but I got sick of using the vegetable peeler and couldn't find the cheese grater which was in fact right in front of my face. It was hanging right next to my head on the pan hanging rack. I think I added too much cream too. I kept adding more to the egg and cheese mixture thinking maybe a little bit more. Then it was too much. :/ But the pasta still tasted good though, but it wasn't a carbonara.

Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus
roasted off in the oven with a few drizzles of olive oil. E&T had some asparagus lying around their crisper so I thought it would be yummy to simply roast them wrapped in some prosciutto I brought over.


And for dessert, Berry Crumble...
topped with using the fresh strawberries stocked by E&T and a little bit of their TJ frozen berry mix. I eyeballed a crumble recipe in one of Nigella's book and crossed my fingers that it would come out ok. Then I added roasted peanuts and a crumbled coconut-cashew cookie. Boy tasted the pasta and the berry crumble and he gave thumbs up.

Then Boy and I left and got gluttonous amounts of Mexican food with mountains of crema from El Gran Burrito. Leisure + Mexican food + beer=great weekend.


♥dex said...

And what did you do Saturday night???

Hrmmm. :(

♥dex said...

Forgot to mention the Nickster looks so adorable. Like he's wearing a bow tie.

And I went to La Buca Thursday night! So yum!

I like berries.
I like crumble.
They like me.

yoony said...

i called you! then had ramen. then didn't get to see hard candy bc it stopped playing. then watched harry potter at justin's. i like a lot!!

what did you have at la buca? i want to try their pizza.

Yoonyang said...

All of the above food was YUM! I can attest first hand. I highly recommend Yoony's housesitting/personal chef services. Top rated!

Terence said...

The food was great, I devoured it rather quickly. Thanks again for watching over things!