Table 8 for Table of 2

I took Boy out to birthday dinner at Table 8 (Govind Armstrong). We somehow managed to come through way back of the room where their porch area was, because I clobbered through their plastic walls like it was the front entrance. I think we may have scared some people in the back because we popped out of nowhere, and confused the hell out of the employees because we did not use the front entrance. And while I was trying to find a gap in the plastic walls, the parking person didn't even bother to correct me and show me the front door! Anyhow, when we were seated we got the table right next to the patio door where made our adventurous appearance.

Service was so slow at first as no one even came by for the first seven minutes. That's a long time to be without menu and water. Just twiddling thumbs time. However when our server finally showed up his amiable service made up for the beginning messup.

I was pretty excited to goto Table 8 for the first time, interested in their always changing seasonal menu. Before anything, we got a glass of Billecart-Salmon, Brut Reserve to start off this celebratory event. And a half bottle of the Altamura Sangiovese, Napa, for the rest of the meal.

*this titles are not accuarate as i forgot to ask for a copy of the menu. and sorry for the horrible photos! i promise i did my best!*



For appetizers we ordered Tagiatelle with Oxtail Ragu and Calamari with Chorizo, Beans & Clams. The tagiatelle was cooked perfectly al dente and the oxtail ragu rich and deep in flavor. There was a little bit of greens involved, kale I think. It was delicious but on the salty side and could have used some herbs to brighten it up. Perhaps lemon thyme and chives. The calamari dish was delicious but pretty basic. A toasted piece of bread is essential for this slightly brothy briney dishes so you can sop up all the goodness. They did that right, toasted the bread that is.

duck leg

For my entree I got Duck Leg with Apples, Cabbage & Chestnuts. Really good combination of flavors. The best duck leg I've ever had was at La Terza so I was pretty biased when I tasted Table 8's. It was delicious and the duck leg was super tender, but there was something missing in the texture. I really loved the cabbage and chestnuts in this but more would have been better.

kobe style beef
kobe style beef

Boy got Kobe Style Beef, Mushroom & Scalloped Potato. I think this was the best this of the night. The beef was hinted with smokiness and so tender. Although I rarely like shitaaki mushrooms because it can be overpowering at times, they were mellow and complimented the dish nicely. The scalloped potatoes were sliced paper thin and fried I think for a nice addition of delicate crunchiness.

We skipped on the cheese plate and went straight to dessert for the Marscapone Peanut Brownie and Meyer Lemon Tart with Pomegranates with another glass of Billecart-Salmon for myself. I wasn't too impressed with these. The tart was good but the crust part was so crunchy you really had to put some weight into your fork to break off a piece. Then "clunk!" Visually the plate could have been more clean cut instead of having the latticed syrup. I liked the addition of pomegranates. The brownie also good but nothing special.

Overall the food was good but I wasn't wowed. I don't think I would go back for any of the dishes, even though they were good, just because they weren't great. Maybe next season I'll give it another try. And oh yeah, they have a really bad beer selection. Amtel Light?!! C'mon now, don't kid around like that and scare me.

7661 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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