Antequera de Oaxaca to the Rescue

When I tried to grab a quick dinner at La Buca the other weekend, the server told me that they were overbooked through Monday. Well the place is the size of my cubicle, and with the surging popularity, I should have expected it. But no fear readers, because I walked east 30 seconds to Antequera de Oaxaca, also a unit of the same building.

Everytime I've eaten at Antequera de Oaxaca I've been happily satisfied... with the salty tasajo, the stringy Oaxacan cheese, and the dark sweet mole. But often I forget as a dining option. But this time it came to my rescue thank god. Boy and I ordered the delicious Botana Plate (Appetizer) for 2 and three horchatas. Two of em for me actually. :)

Tasajo is one of my favorite Mexican foods. It's salted and dried beef round that is sliced and grilled before serving. I love tearing the piece of meat into long strands with my fingers. Also included in this beautiful styrofoam box is a chile relleno (so fricking spicy. only ate a small bite.), thick memelas (corn cakes) grilled with pork fat, and chorizo. And also chicken enchiladas in red mole (not pictured).

Oaxacan string cheese... so delicious! Especially when one-half of a strand is lightly dipped in their searing smoky salsa.

I ordered these two extra chicken tacos in case the appetizer plate wasn't enough. It was definitely tasty but the chicken chunks were too big (therefore large chunks falling out with each bite) and the taco needed the support of an extra corn tortilla. A taco seems kind of hard to mess up but oh well.

Their guacamole is one of the best I've had, except for the homemade guacamole I had in Panama. A tortilla chip dipped into the guacamole and lightly grazed across the hot smoky salsa will definitely wet your appetite for all the goodness to come. Minus the chicken taco that is.

Antequera de Oaxaca
5200 Melrose Ave.


eatdrinknbmerry said...

why is it that mexican food is the perfect choice for late-night munchies? it's not a good thing that it's 1:35 am and hungry.

yoony said...

omexican and korean are my top choices for late-night, after-drinking munchies. can't beat a carne asada taco with salsa verde and spicy red salsa. or a big bowl of seollontang and refreshing gakdugi (radish kimchi). yum.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

when i used to go to Ktown, we'd go to this one place called Elephant Snack on Western and 9th to get some of their soups. They had everything: kalbi tang, solongtang and my favorite the ribs and green cabbage. Not the highest grade place, but at 2 am, it's a savior.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

yoony, happy holidays.