Chowhound's 2005 Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants Poll

Go AOC! It came out on top of the list. Among many many other restaurants I've never been too. I'm glad to see absolutely delicious Angelini Osteria came out on top too. I am a very proud and obsessive list maker but now all the work is done! All I have to do is *check!* Now where to get all the money? [especially for crazy Urasawa].

Top 10...
Angelini Osteria
Langer’s Deli

"In just three short years, A.O.C. has emerged as Los Angeles’s destination restaurant of choice among food-obsessed LA chowhounds. With 123 points accumulated on 32 ballots including 11 first-choice votes, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne’s nouveau wine and tapas bar easily outpolled the champion from the prior two years, Spago Beverly Hills."

Chowhound's 2005 Ultimate LA Restaurant Poll


♥dex said...

We really must get ourselves into the restaurant some Sunday you're working, Yoony!

justinsloe said...

Yay for AOC!!!

also further proof we need to go to Langer's (and the others)

weird, Zankou was really up there

yoony said...

i think it was supposed to be a poll of good restaurant but people but delis and places like zankou on there. and pollo a la brasa (yum). we didn't really need proof to goto langers. just always forgot or out of the way.

Adi said...

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