Leftover Creations... Crostini with Carmelized Onion, Morbier & Pancetta Lardons


I had a lot of cheese leftover from a dinner party because maybe I bought too much. No wait, people didn't eat enough cheese! Boogaloo to them. I also had a small chunk of pancetta. I sliced a La Brea Pain Rustique thinly and toasted them with olive oil brushed on both sides til they were crispy. I forgot to rub garlic on them when they came out. Oops. I layered carmelized onion doused with a little balsamic, thinly slice morbier, and topped each crostini with pancetta lardons which I crisped up slightly in a pan. Popped these babies in the oven til the cheese melted. So good. Yumm. The sweetness of the onion, the crispiness of the crostini, saltiness of the pancetta, and of course the melted cheese. [drool!]


♥dex said...

Yoony - you just go ahead and let me know when you wanted to start looking for apartments together, mmmkay? =Þ I second the drooling.

justinsloe said...

these were so delicious, Yoony was very good to share with me