Stuff I Be Eating Lately...

Short post of stuff I be eating lately...
NO MORE non-fat yogurts w/granola, cold tofu, and salads. Well, probably more tofu and salads to come but definitely NO MORE non-fat yogurt. Although I am far from being in shape I decided to be a bit more adventurous and integrate more variety into my daily meals. And also not be lazy about cooking just because I hate doing the dishes. I changed my shift at work to 730am to 4pm, and now take night showers, therefore have 30 minutes to pack lunch and/or make breakfast in the morning. I like the change. And by the way, doesn't cooking count as exercise? After all it's all manual labor + a lot of standing. See? A well balanced lifestyle. ;)

Trader Joe's Punjab Spinach Sauce
**with my addition of potatoes and brown basmati with lemon & cashews.

La Brea Bakery croissant w/Nutella
**wanted to put chopped cashews and pomegranate in but forgot the nuts and pomegranate had already passed away.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha Hot Chocolate
**with Silk Vanilla Soymilk

Arrowhead Mills Multigrain Pancake & Waffle Mix
**with Grand Marnier soaked dried blueberries, buttermilk, and pure maple syrup.

Roasted Cauliflower with Curry and Paprika
**somewhat replicated dish from AOC. it was delicious! i've never liked cauliflower but now i'm a changed gal.

Linguini w/Red Pepper Flakes, Lemon & Parmesan
**simple pasta dish for simple me. next time i will add some crispy thyme bread crumbs on top for texture and delicious yumminess.

Bluejay Farm Satsumas
**from the korean market which always has high quality fruits.

365 Organic Green Tea
**nice and warm start to longs days at work.


Anonymous said...

Well I would definitely say cooking counts as exercise since you're always working your ass off, Yoony! ♥

eatdrinknbmerry said...

hey yoony, how was the robots party?

anyway, i wanted to ask you some questions about your le creuset dutch oven.

how many quarts?

circular or oval?

how much?

does the cabazon outlet have many choices as in colors, shapes?

are they visibly damaged?

am i annoying you yet?


yoony said...

mine is 9.5 quarts, oval, and i think fire color??

i think it was around $200, 50% off from retail price of $395 for aesthetic damage. at the cabazon store they have two grades, one regular and one with aesthetic flaw but both should work perfectly. i couldn't actually find any flaw so the quality of their stock is really good.

there are lots of colors to choose from. and also a lot of non-pot items. make sure that the lid fits perfectly onto the pot though. i realized mine didn't until i got back to la and had to return it to the le creuset company. although i had to pay for the mailing they have a good return policy so sent me a brand new one exactly alike without much hassle.

robots party was good. how was your weekend? and what happened to your cafe pinot posts?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

ok i just called Le Creuset at Cabazon and i think i'm going to get a 7.25 quart. 1st quality for $195, 2nd quality for $166. For another $22 i can get the 2nd quality 9.5 quart. Such a steal, considering they are originally twice that amount at Macy's/BB&B. Don't care about the color really, as long as everything is intact.

paid for the mailing? jesus. that postage fee must've been like $50 considering how heavy those LC pots are.

Cafe Pinot postings will be down for a while . A little bit of drama right now.

Daily Gluttony said...

Oooh girl, we must be on the same wavelength, esp. with the TJ's punjab spinach sauce, the nutella, the cauliflower, and the linguini. Yum.

yoony said...

hi pam! doesn't trader joe's have some good packaged foods? so convenient. glad to see your back safe and sound. :)