What I Eat

Hmmm don't think anyone is posting anymore what they've eaten. I guess the busy holiday season and all. Well here is mine, with a few pics to be posted later.

*taco bell hexagon thing - i don't even know what it's called. my mom had it leftover and told me to take one for lunch. and i obliged.
*4 jalapeno poppers & few bites cheese burger from jack-in-the-box; diet coke - boy went to jack and then tempted me with the smell of fast food.
*kimchi fried rice w/pepper jack cheese
*lindeman's framboise; freixenet cava; too many cute miette bakes
*1/2 tj olympiad pizza; 1/2 grilled cheese w/deli turkey, brie & onion

*toasted pain de mie (bread bar) w/santa barbara seafood spread
*jasmine tea
*3 mini corn tortilla quesadilla w/deli turkey, chipotle salsa & jalapeno
*taco bell hexagon thing - doh! why did i eat another one. it was in the fridge. i was hungry after work. sigh, bad eating habits continue to profliterate.
*white rice; spicy napa cabbage soup; radish & chive kimchi

*toasted pain de mie w/tj organic strawberry jam and peanut butter (yummy!)
*lemon water
*spicy napa cabbage soup; tj organic dark chocolate 73%
*lemon water; deli turkey
*2 LA galbi; radish kimchi; spicy gochujang soup (vege, pork, red pepper paste)

*toasted pain de mie w/fried egg, cheese, deli turkey and sriracha
*2 pocket coffee - sadly defective so without the espresso gush
*2 LA galbi; tj soba noodle bowl
*satsuma; 3 pieces dduk (rice cakes)
*mixed grain rice; dakdoritang-spicy chicken w/gochujang, potatoes, mushroom
*geundae soup - haven't figured out what the name of this vege is in english but it looks like a leafy green.

*deli turkey; satsuma
*pocket coffee
*mixed grain rice; dakdoritang
*salchichon iberico; rogue creamery smokey blue cheese; the cheese co rosemary crackers; port brewing wipeout ipa; afflingem noel; prosecco; one bite sprinkles chocolate cupcake

*geundae soup; mixed grain rice; chive kimchi
*bibim nyengmyun-cold buckwheat noodle w/spicy marinade from ktown galleria food court
*waldorf salad sandwich from cake house

*geundae soup; mixed grain rice; dakdoritang
*fuller's esb
*rocco's pizza w/cheese, green peppers & meatballs
*more rocco's pizza; hansen's 0 calorie soda


Han Nah said...

hannah hearts ketchup
susan hearts sriracha

for the spicy napa cabbage soup, i never had it with raddish. i presume it gives a refreshing crunch...interesting!

yoony said...

hi hannah,

the mu gets cooked along with the baechu so it's more like: baechu gook+mu gook. i also like spicy ketchup. i used to put so much tabasco in my ketchup.

Yoonyang said...

Why is it that your meals always look SO much more appetizing than mine? Can I pay you money to be my personal chef and shopper? Wait, I have no money. How about I play guitar for you in return?

yoony said...

whatevers miss coq au vin! i will be your personal chef anytime if you play smell like teen spirit and headbang and mosh while you play. :D

Anonymous said...

you ate taco ecoli bell.. and lived..

you very brave yoony...

dur scheisse alumni

Lynn said...

There is something about those hexagonal crunchwrap supremes. They're dang good! Total guilty pleasure! :)

birdpants said...

killer blog!

I have know what the dark-green spicy-salady-looking thing is in the "Saturday" photo - is it the chive kimchi? How do I make it? Do you have korean restaurant recs for either NYC or San Francisco (my two cities of residence)?


yoony said...

hi birdpants,

the green salady looking thing is chive kimchi. it's actually called "buchu", not exactly like the chives we get here but from the onion family. not sure how to make it though. the last one i had at a restaraunt had either fish sauce or salted baby shrimp in it.

by the way, your blog is quite a fun read. :) just read the hectors.

Anonymous said...

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