Beef Meatballs with Cumin, Coriander & Mint; Israeli Couscous; Dandelion Greens with Bacon Lardon, Ricotta Salata & Sherry Vinaigrette


Remember that gig I did a few posts back? The birthday party? If you've been keeping up with What I Eat you should remember israeli couscous with this, israeli couscous with that. Jesus christ, so much israeli couscous leftover! Ok, I miscalculated but you know how them pasta can be. Blowin up and all.

So I wanted to make something to go along with the israeli couscous studded with dried currants, pinenuts and chopped basil. I also had greek yogurt leftover in the fridge and I thought ooh, why not some meatballs and cucumber yogurt sauce? Except I didn't make the cucumber yogurt sauce because I didn't want to buy a whole container of persian cucumbers at Trader Joe's when I really only needed one. So I seasoned the greek yogurt simply with lemon juice, liberal amounts of garic and black pepper.

Now for the meatballs, I wanted to make lamb meatballs but Trader Joe's does not sell ground lamb. Nor ground pork, fyi. So I went with what they had, some really good looking ground angus beef. I seasoned it with a coriander-cumin spice mix I had made ages ago (maybe half an age) from making roasted cauliflower. I also added to the seasoning a small handful of withering mint which I was determined to use up. Perhaps some parsley went in there too. Then I added some milk-soaked dinner rolls leftover from the sliders from the same gig.

I formed them into nicely sized patties (instead of completely round spheres for quicker cooking) and cooked them up in a jiffy. Paired with the cool touch of the greek yogurt and light and still textural israeli couscous, these meatballs made a satisfying meal.


But alas there was another challenge. Using up the leftover dandelion greens. I made a similar salad to the one I served at the birthday party sans roasted kabocha squash. But the bacon, ricotta salta, shallots, and sherry vinaigrette was still there so it's all good!


One Food Guy said...

Okay, so I am really hungry now and I have at least an hour to go before lunch. Those meatballs look delish! Well done!

yoony said...

thanks one food guy!

i was totally thinking dang, lunch at 9am?? then i realized you were on the east coast. :) have you tried trader joe's frozen soba noodle bowl?

justinsloe said...

Yulesmith with dinner

such a delicious meal

yoony said...

oh yes, yulesmith. spices in beer, spices in meatballs. works well for me. :)

Yoonyang said...

I heart meatballs. I heart meat in any geometric form. It looks yummy.

Can't wait for some authentic Parisian dining!

han nah said...

i heart meatballs too (except for the ones at ikea)!

Chubbypanda said...

It really is "all good". Nice one, girl!

- Chubbypanda

Adi said...

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