Skirt Steak with Romesco, Dandelion Greens & Toasted Israeli Couscous


Do the ingredients sound familiar? Yes, the little bits of leftovers of this and that from the catering gig. I can't believe it but I actually managed to finish all the leftover israeli couscous without wanting to choke myself. For this meal I switched it up by sauteeing the remaining couscous until it got nicely browned and toasted. Then placed it in an oven-safe dish with a light grating of parmigiano reggiano and kept it warm in the oven while I got the steak ready.

I got some skirt steak to use up romesco. :) Now that may seem counter-intuitive considering I was buying more groceries, steak at that, to use up leftovers. But this is not just a thrifty endeavour but also a creative one. One that takes opportunity and turns it into a pleasant dinner. And the skirt steak would be the perfect complement to the toasty and spicy romesco sauce which together would make one very pleasant weekday dinner for Boy and I.

For the steak marinade, I smashed up some garlic, chile de arbol and rosemary with my humongous Thai mortar and pestle. After trimming the steak of some of its excess fat I rubbed the marinade in and kept it in the chiller while I got the broccolini ready.


I blanched the broccollini in salted water for a few minutes then drained it. I gently heated up some olive oil in a saute pan and cooked the leftover garlic-rosemary marinade until the aroma filled my eager nose. I like sticking my head above garlic cooking oil. It's a very comforting smell. To this comforting pan I tossed the broccollini and seasoned it with black pepper and salt.

I believe an IPA accompanied this comfy weekday meal. And perhaps a warm electric blanket.


Grant said...

Romesco, skirt steak and israeli couscous - wow. I want some of that right now. Romesco is one thing I've been wanting to make but haven't done it yet. That and charmula. This looks amazing, as always.

yoony said...

hi grant!

i always use suzanne goin's recipe but this time i added a roasted red pepper to it and cut down on the oil by alot. honestly i like this version better. you gotta try out the romesco potatoes! so awesome.

han nah said...

i am glad to say that i have tried romesco via yoony of course...it is very good. is skirt steak considered lean red meat?

Gustad said...

Skirt Steaks are great... its one of my new fav steaks to make

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