Zucchini Couscous w/Chicken, Preserved Meyer Lemon & Harissa


After making some small bites for a small cocktail hour preceding a late-nite excursion, I had some leftover harissa. Harissa is a North African/Tunisian condiment made with peppers and tomato. I made Suzanne Goin's California Harissa which uses ancho chilis. Add cayenne, cumin, garlic, paprika, and you got a spicy condiment to top many things.

Harissa is often served with couscous as I recently found out. [insert simple thought processes] So that's what I made!

I seasoned some chicken thighs pieces and then cooked them in a bit of olive oil until browned and then moved them to a plate. I sliced up a few zucchinis into rounds, some onion, garlic, green onion, and preserved meyer lemon. In the same pan used to cook the chicken, I sauteed the onion and garlic for a few minutes then added the zucchini. Season. Once the zucchinis looked cooked through I added some chicken stock, scraped up some of the dripping stuck to the pan, and turned up the heat until it was hot. Took the pan off the heat, added the couscous and scallion, covered the pan and let it steam.

Then fluffed up the couscous with a fork, topped it with chicken thigh pieces, minced preserved lemon, and a dollop of the harissa. It was yummy although I could have used less preserved lemon. Those things are kinda strong.

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