Pocket Coffee


After getting a tip on these Pocket Coffee treats at David's blog I ordered a "case" of em for about $100. And then I yelled at myself: "100 bucks?!". Then Boy yelled at me: "100 bucks!". I don't even drink coffee but these espresso filled chocolate bites were so appealing to me that I just had to get it. Capri Flavors was offering free shipping on these until the end of May so I jumped on that. The case even came with a free box of 32, totalling my little Pocket Coffee inventory at 182 pieces. Well now 181.

I got the box of goodies today and when I opened it I thought "100 bucks for these?!" They just looked so small but I was still excited. Especially since the case listed the price in euros which made it even cooler. :) Hehe.

Then I opened one up, popped it in my mouth. A slow bite down through the middle of the chocolate, then gush! The espresso was so delicious. Ahhh, a new form of happiness. And a new edible addiction. My only fear is that after I give Boy one to try this evening he will go bonkers. Boy drinks a lot of coffee so who knows what kind of addictions this will leash on him... and my stash!

look how fast you can go when you eat Pocket Coffee!


♥dex said...

100 BUCKS?!?!?


justinsloe said...

the girl is crazy

the candy is delicious

BoLA said...

Holy Moly! I wish I had a bill to spend on candy. ;) Hmm...is there anywhere I can just go and buy ONE for like a dolla? (more my budget range!)

yoony said...

i mean, I didn't really buy em. my credit card did.

ok ok, it was an impulse buy! but it makes up for the fact that i rarely buy clothes, makeup, and music. :D see, a fair trade-off.