Strawberries, Strawberries... Strawberry Clafoutis


Pretty strawberry clafoutis a la Chez Panisse Cafe. I like it all golden brown, puffy, and prettily patterned.


Pretty clafoutis on a prettily patterned plate. I'm almost done using all my plates at least once! [I made a promise a lil bit back that I wouldn't buy any new plates until I used the ones I had already at least once].


justinsloe said...

that last picture is very abstract

abstract yoony to the rescue!!

yoony said...

abstract yoony asks boy... how does such lacing occur? is it the type of yeast that makes the bubbles so tiny and floaty?

♥dex said...

Confused ♥dex asks - why yoony know name of little dance bubbles are doing?