Writing Pad Erotic - Watermelon Gazpacho with Prosciutto Chip; Zucchini Tartine w/Mint, Ricotta & Pecorino; Mini Cocoa Cake w/Mascarpone & Raspberry


Food duties of Writing Pad's Erotic Free Writing part deux were assigned to moi. I set the menu a while back keeping in mind spring, and more spring. So something refreshing and full of flavor. Something pretty and visually pleasurable to get the erotic mental juices flowing.

I thought watermelon gazpacho would be perfect, adorned with a crispy salty prosciutto chip for nibbling. Watermelon, at least the ones I've tasted at Marina Farms, are so ripe and sweet right now. I blended the watermelon down but the rest of the ingredients I left in a bit of texture. Plus blending everything down would make the color of the gazpacho murky. I topped the gazpacho off with roasted corn kernels.


This tartine is inspired from Jamie Oliver's zucchini salad with mint, chili and lemon. I sliced the zucchinis thinly with a mandolin then charred them on a grill pan. Unfortunately my grill pan is a small one with a handle, cast iron but enamel coated, so basically this took a long time, made me sweat, and also the pan is now uncleanable. But since I have an electric stove top I can't get a regular cast-iron grill pan that sits over two burners. Arg~!

Anyhow, I cooled the zucchini slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper without overlapping any to avoid steaming. Then marinated them with a lemon vinaigrette with shallots, mint, and black pepper. On a toasted piece of baguette I smeared some ricotta flavored with thyme, parsley, salt and pepper. Artfully aranged two to three of the charred marinated zucchini and popped it in the oven for a few minutes just to warm things up together slightly. Then topped with a nice tangy slice of pecorino, it was ready for consumption.


Back when I was discussing the menu with Marilyn, I had a idea that maybe I could make a boob dessert to go with the whole theme and all. There were many emails exchanged just on this subject about whether the frosting should match with the "nipple", what to use, if it was the appropriate size, shape (i.e. TJ's yogurt covered blueberries). I even tried to use some tapioca balls but those didn't work out too well.

I didn't want to make something so obviously like a boob. That would be too silly. At some point I was starting to regret that I even had the idea at all. But I'm happy with the end result. A cute little mini chocolate cake with a rich mascarpone frosting and a plump juicy raspberry to top it. A beautiful little dessert... and a boob if you want it to be. :)


A catered menu for www.writingpad.com


justinsloe said...

boobs for dessert!!

♥dex said...

Boobs in the morning
Boobs in the evening
Boobs at supperTIME!

Hooray for boobs!

And Yoony Food!

yoony said...

whoa, my blogeaters gone mad boob crazy~

Gustad said...

i love grilled zuccini

BoLA said...

Mmm....looks absolutely delicious! My Cinco de Mayo cupcakes somewhat reminded me of boobs too. muhahah! ;) Great job, as always!

Ollylain said...

what a wonderful idea to use watermelon to make gazpacho. You're inspiring me to cook more often!

yoony said...

hi ollylain

thanks for the compliment! it's one of the nicest ones i've gotten. :)