Monsieur Marcel


Farmer's Market at Third and Fairfax is a nice place to do grocery shopping for fresh produce and meats. That is, if I can't get up early enough for the Santa Monica farmer's market, which I rarely do. But what to do when you get hungry from all that shopping? Monsieur Marcel is a great gourmet store/restaurant that carries all sorts of great cheeses, cured meats and olives and many other goodies.


They have an outdoor bar enclave and also additional table seating. The Provencal style decor is really adorable and especially pleasant on a nice sunny day. My favorite spot in the farmer's market is the tree that sits right in front of the store.

Anyhow, the food there is pretty good and made even better by the atmosphere. How does a bottle of vouvray champagne and fondue sound on a Sunday evening? Good? This is the perfect place to do it. Their fondue is delicious and a lil bubbly always cheers me up.


The Jambon, Buerre, Cornichon sandwich is simple and light. French ham, butter with a side of cornichon and mustard. I really like their fluffy, crusty baguette. I prefer this over La Brea Bakery's baguette for sandwiches. The French Onion Soup is rich and full of depth. But I wish the lil toast on top wasn't so soggy and soggy-looking. Soggy is never pretty.

From the appetizer or tapas menu, the Mussels in Butter Sauce is good but on the small side. But if you are not too hungry, you can always fill up on their complimentary bread and cracker basket with your nice glass of wine and relax.

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