Auntie Em's Kitchen


I got a tip-off on Auntie Em's from a fellow wine taster at Colorado Wine Company, a former baker at the restaurant. Auntie Em's is pretty famous for their cupcakes and other dessert baked goods.

I'm not a cupcake expert but they were luscious. First was the Chocolate. I devoured its glossy, cocoa-beautiful, ganache-smothered fluffy chocolate cake. Then the Red Velvet. Delicious and berry-pretty but a bit drier than the chocolate. Lastly the Carrot Cake. More moist than both (also reads: fell apart when I tried to cut it into six equal pieces for the present company), it had a nice rich frosting, not that the others didn't. My fav? The Chocolate...

Their lunch menu consists of sandwiche, salads and a daily soup. The Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich was good but the half-inch slices of meatloaf were stacked one slice too high. I had to deconstruct the sandwich to level it out with one layer of meatloaf and ate the lone pieces by themselves. The bread was a tiny bit too thin for the meatloaf because the soft middle part of the bread fell apart a little bit with the ketchup and mustard and all. Taste wise good but a few things to be improved upon.

The Grilled Chicken Breast came on a delicious crusty rosemary roll. I also tried Watermelon Gazpacho for the first time and it was refreshing and tasty on such a warm afternoon. I didn't even know there was such fruit gazpacho. Now it's on my list of food to whip up, somewhere at the bottom of the very long list that is.

Auntie Em's Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Auntie Em's

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