Yoony Eats Paris: L'Ourcine


Dining at L'Ourcine was one the Paris highlights for me. This cozy gastro-bistro is run by Sylvain Daniere, one of Yves Camdeborde's proteges. L'Ourcine serves a three course meal, which one can put together from a selection of four to five dishes for each course. For only 30 euros!! How crazy is that?!

A few of us started off the evening with absinthe, me no included since I abhor licorice. The presentation was quite elaborate and beautiful, with the tall spouted vase, beautifully designed spoon, and the impatient *drip drip drip* of water over the sugar cube. I however started with my choice aperitif, champagne.


We were served an amuse bouche of pea puree with crispy croutons and chives while we sipped booze and waited for our first course.

My first course was the Raviole d'Araignee de Mer, Emulsion Cremeuse de Citron - crab ravioli with citrus cream. Such beautiful presentation. And taste? So delicious! Writing about it is making my mouth water. Amidst the blurred consciousness of mind that only be caused by something very delicious in my mouth, I forgot to take a picture of my second course - Noix de Saint Jacques Poties dans sa Coquille, Beurre Persille, Endives Braise - scallops in the shell with parsley butter and braised endives. This one was such a pretty one. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!


However, I did not forget to take pictures of other people's food. The above is Boy's Veloute de Topinabours, Creme Legere d'Oeufs, Harengs Fumes - creamy jerusalem artichoke soup with light egg cream and smoked caviar. The texture was so velvety and the smoked caviar added such a nice meatiness to the dish. The above picture is the soup before the creamy veloute is poured over at the table.


Boy's second course was Parmentier de Boudin Noir. He was being quite adventurous getting the blood sausage gratin considering he doesn't really eat blood sausage. It's definitely an acquired taste.

cod dish

Sigh, I also forgot to take a picture of my dessert, which was a delicious Traditionelle Pot de Creme Vanille, Langue de Chat. The custard was so creamy and the cat's tongue (this is a cookie by the way) so crisp. Perfect for scooping up the creme. Yum~.

Clafoutis Maison aux Amandes, Pruneaux a l'Armagnac

Boy got the generous almond clafoutis with armagnac prunes. This clafoutis was more cakey than the ones I have made in the past but I think it makes a better presentation to serve like the above.

Marcilles, Mesclun Breton

N ended her meal with a cheese course of this huge piece of stinky cheese and a spicy mesclun salad.

The dinner at L'Ourcine was quite memorable and definitely one of my favorite meals ever. From presentation to detail, I was very impressed by the food that was put out. And serving it for such a low price too. I miss L'Ourcine!


Han Nah said...

i think the hardest thing about blogging would be after a really good meal especial when the restaurant is so far away....

Yoonyang said...

Yea, I wasn't too into the blood sausage either. Too bad you didn't take a pic of your scallops because not only were they beautifully presented, but they were also really tasty!

The night started off with absinthe and ended with absinthe = a pretty hazy night! If I didn't dislike black licorice so abhorrently, I might have had a glass. Admittedly, I'm more of a red vines/twizzler girl.

susan said...

i'm a watermelon sour belt girl.

justinsloe said...

the absinthe was not bad and I'm no licorice liker

all said and done, good beer is always much better

natasha said...

ah...memories of a great meal. drei and boy fiending for absinthe like true parisian artistes, the surly-but-charming waiter who served us with equal parts disdain and respect, the amuse-bouches which I ate up heartily (i think susan and I were the only ones who like whipped peas!) miam!

Chubbypanda said...

My mouth, she waters.

johnswords1 said...

You didn't happen to get any of the recipes for those yummy dishes at L'Ourcine, did you?

susan said...

sorry john, no recipes!

Adi said...

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