Nite view of Paris near Louvre.

Some fancy street near a club we went to.

Cute kid waiting in line for the catacombs. We both got shafted as the placed closed after we were waiting in the rain for like 10 minutes.

Alleyway in a Jewish region of Paris.


superstar said...

Omg! you remind me SOOOO much of my freind joyce, whom i've known since HS. She too is korean, studied economics in university and after university turned into a foodie. She's the one who originally sent me the link to the Wednesday Chef. How wierd is that? You know what's even wierder? Yesterday Joyce cooked me a dinner based solely on recipes posted by the Wednesday Chef. Coincidence? I think not!

Your pics are awesome. I'm definitly coming back here!

vivian said...

Unnie! hope you had fun in paris.. my holiday was spent... cleaning up after my sister cuz my parents were both gone. anyways, i had a quick question, would you happen to know what size shirt oppa wears? i still havent gotten everyone's christmas present -_- but i got yours.. hopefully the family will get together soon. i miss you!!

Yoonyang said...

Man, that little kid has more style at age 7 than I do at age ... well, you know the number >>> 7.

han nah said...

i'm sorry but for a quick second...i thought it was you yoonyang....

great pictures...

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