Yoony Eats Paris: Falafel, then Falafel Again

place next to L'As du Falafel

Having read about L'As du Falafel all over the blogosphere and also in our cute guidebook, I was quite excited about having this some time during the trip. I made my move one night when I decided I must try the falafel even though I was not that hungry. The guidebook stated that the place closes at 11 so we headed out around 1030.

But we were wrong. And wronged by the book. The place was closed when we got there. But guess what was right next door? Another falafel place. I got the falafel normal and we merrily headed back to our flat. The falafel itself was moist and delicious and the pita nicely toasted, but overall it was kind of dry and didn't have as much condiments and pickles as I would have liked. Boy was I thirsty when we got back.

L'As du Falafel

But the L'As du Falafel set back didn't stop us from trying again. This time we actually went at the proper dinner hour. It started pouring outside and by the time we got there we were pretty soaked. The place is pretty small and there was nowhere to hang our drippy coats except our chairs. But we sat down eagerly waiting for some falafeling.

I once again ordered a falafel normal. Then we noticed something really weird as we waited for our food. The employees were bringing the food from outside, and not from the kitchen. Hrmm? They were bringing the falafels in little trays from next door. Now the other falafel place is next door from the direction they were coming from. But was it right next door? I don't remember. Perhaps the kitchen was located next door? Very very weird though watching the food pass by in the window we were sitting next to. I was expecting any second now for our server to bring the exact falafels I had the other day.


But no, these were more moist and soft. Nicely sauced with tzatziki and topped with veges, this falafel made a satisfying delicious dinner. It's the best falafel I've had lately. But not the best that I've ever had. That spot alone goes to the ones from Maoz which I had in Amsterdam years ago. They have a fixins bar where you can load up on veges, pickled roots, and sauces to your heart's content. I find out now there is a Maoz in Paris. Damn! :P


justinsloe said...

it was also weird that when they had to go outside they got drenched from the rain

thankfully the falafel didn't get very wet

han nah said...

haha...you know what this story reminds me of *which is off tangent*...

hodori and nak won because they are right next to each other and have very similar menus...i also think they use the same kitchen but then the food is slightly different....


yoony said...

i'm all about nakwon since way back in hs. the servers there were always nicer i think. can't imagine going over there after clubbing now! we would be like the oldest people.

One Food Guy said...

Mmmm mmm I love falafel!

Jeni said...

Yoony...it was so fun hanging out Friday night. I'm catching up on your Paris eating hunt...I am sooo jealous. BTW, my mom loves your site. She asked me, "So is her boyfriend real name 'Boy'"? Looking forward to more Paris posts!

yoony said...

hi onefoodguy,

are there any good falafel places in boston?

hi jeni,

it was fun hanging out! i love that your mom asked if Boy was j's real name. lol, that's so cute.

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