Yoony Eats Paris: Bastille Open Market

I woke up early Sunday morning in Paris to check out the Bastille open market, which is actually considered the best one in Paris. And lucky me, it was only a stone's throw away on the other side of the block. The huge open market was bustling, filled with so much fresh food, and exactly the Parisian experience I was looking for. From produce to cured meats, prepared foods, olives, pate, kitchen knick knacks (I bought a nice oyster knife there), cheeses, freshly baked bread... it was so awesome. I felt at home in Paris right about then. I can definitely live there, even with the cold weather. Riding the metro would do my health good, I would fall in love with so many restaurants, have perfectly crusty baguettes everyday with a nice piece of cheese that would only cost me a few euros. I dream. But then there is no Mexican food there.... hrmph.

Anyhow, here are some pictures I took. Enjoy~!

Delicious saucisson that nourished me for a few days. Yes the sparkling wine was nourishment too.


KirkK said...

Wonderful photos Yoony! Though I haven't been commenting, I've been keeping up with your travel posts.

Chubbypanda said...

Yum! And yet, I had lines from the Comte de Monte Cristo bouncing through my head the whole time. La Bastille!

I love that book.

han nah said...

the pictures are great~

was that sea urchins on one of the pictures? i heart sea urchins...

Santos said...

beautiful photos, yoony!

Na-Ta-Sha said...

I miss your food posts, Yoon. We should all get together for a good dinner sometime so you have fodder to blog about! :)

susan said...

omg i haven't updated in so long. my apologies! i am planning to cook this weekend so something yummy coming up. :) plus i still have to do my pierre herme write up. thanks for checking back guys!

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