Sometimes All You Need Is a...


a warm, soft, big chorizo egg burrito to dull the Monday working pangs.

Romero's Mexican Food
516 S Western Ave


bloorozez said...

mmm my burrito was pretty good yesterday too. believe it was chicken pesto. btw, nothing beats cucumbers with kochu jang (well, maybe only.. jjigae). lol.

justinsloe said...

I wish I had one of Romero's burritos today. Could have sure used one.

yoony said...

hi bloorozes,

i love cucumbers w/gcj. it's the simplest fastest snack or banchan. sometimes i switch to ssamjang though.

hi justin,

mexican food always cheers me up. kind of like korean food. :) let's go taco hunting sometime.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I actually had a burrito too after the Massive Attack show. Got it at Burrito King on Sunset in Echo Park. It was f*cking saltyyyyyyyy. Hope you and Sloejams had a blast at MA. The lighting really gave me a headache!

yoony said...

hi dylan,

i wanted to get some tacos too then i realized we were driving down highland instead of vine (cactus). we had a lot of fun at MA. i loved those lights!