Crab Cakes & Cucumbers with Gochujang

While testing recipes for the wedding menu, there were some crab casualties. My visions of crab and cucumber canape were not working out so well and I was left with a batch of crab tossed with creme fraiche, curry and lime. Well there is only one thing left to do in this case. Make crab cakes of course.


These beautiful green peppers are from the Japanese stand at the Santa Monica farmer's market. I chopped and sauteed the peppers with some onion then added it to the failed crab mixture along with some egg, panko, cilantro, and scallion. Formed them into little discs, dipped both sides into a plate of panko, then chilled them in the fridge for a lil bit.


Meanwhile, I had sliced up some korean cucumbers, lightly salted it then had it draining in the sink. I love cucumbers! Especially when it's paired up with some fiery gochujang (Korean red chili paste). For the seasoning I mixed the gochujang with some minced garlic, sesame oil, water to thin, sesame seed, and scallion. I rinsed the cucumbers, drained and blotted them dry, then tossed them in the gochujang sauce and let it soak up all the goodness.


The crab cakes cooked up beautifully with a crispy crust and a light fluffy texture. Topped with chives and a dab of sriracha and paired with the refreshing cucumbers and pillowy white rice, it made for an excellent dinner. And excellent lunch too!


♥dex said...

Didn't I have one of your first attempts at crab cakes? Because even those were tasty as hell.

And these look like masterpieces! So hungry!

yoony said...

ohh yea! the one you had was my first one ever. these are way better though imo. :)

Yoonyang said...

So where did you get your crab? I'd like to find a place that sells lump crab at a reasonable price. I've been spoiled when it comes to crab, being from Maryland and all (not from Tennesee!).

bloorozez said...

yuuuum =)

yoony said...

hi yoonyang,

i believe these crabcakes were made from a mix of pacakged crabmeat (whole foods) and canned. although these are lowly to fresh crabmeat which seems to be unavailable in la, the crab cakes were good. however, the crabmeat i got for the wedding was from restaurant depot. fresh! it comes in lb tubs with mixture of lump meat and claw meat. i don't think i can go back to the packaged or canned anymore. i'll split a tub with you next time if you want.