Ice Cream & Puff Pastry Epiphane

I've just had an ice cream & puff pastry epiphane!

Holy crap. I got some blueberry ice cream from Trader Joe's the other day. Had some puff pastry shells sitting in my freezer. Decided that maybe stuffing a warm puff pastry shell with the creamy blueberry ice cream might be a good idea.

It was a brilliant idea! Well, I didn't eat a whole shell but I did make a mini ice cream sandwich with the warm puff pastry shell tops that I cut out. (Trying to watch my waistline). However, I stuffed and distributed the six blueberry ice cream stuffed warm puff pastry shells to my co-workers and they were mightily well received.

Do try it. You might even yell oh my god like in your small work corner kitchen like I did.


Chubbypanda said...

Oh my god! Ok, I don't work that quickly and the TJ's is closed. Just practicing 'cause it sounds awesome.


- CP

Anonymous said...

PLEASE BRING BACK DUR SCHIESSE... having withdrawals... ugh..

Erin S. said...

yum! Too bad it's late and time for bed. Now I want blueberry ice cream!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! so freaking good.

yoony said...

hi anonymous,

is that a practice 'omg' or did you really try it? :) i just had a spoonful of the blueberry ice cream. yum.