Flatbread Pizza; Pig Candy; Roasted Almonds with Fleur de Sel


Flatbread pizzas are so easy to make and so delicious, like any pizza with a good base and good topping. I made two varieties which both started off with a base of ricotta and carmelized onion. Then they split off - one was crowned with roasted red pepper, anchovy and goat cheese.


While the other one got sauteed creminis with pancetta and pecorino. If I had a one of those wooden pizza spatulas I could have put them on the oven rack directly and the base would have been crisp throughout. I'll add that to my "To Buy" list, although the pizza stone I currently have has used been only once. I swear I'm going to get around to making a real pizza dough again sometime. Hmm, sometime soon?


I also made some delicious and wholly addicting pig candy. I was alerted to its existence not too long ago when LOU came up in LA Weekly. I made mine with Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Cured Bacon. Sprinkle of brown sugar and cayenne then it went into the oven to bake and make my house smell like the most delicious edible thing ever. It was hard not to open the oven door just to inhale the aroma. I love bacon!!!

I baked the smoky bacon twice to adjust for the flavoring and made sure it had a nice heat to it, mellowed by the brown sugar, and just the right amount of crisp. I also roasted some almonds tossed in olive oil, then tossed the toasty nuts with fleur de sel. Let's just say my kitchen was smellin pretty good after all the pizza, bacon, and almond business.

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Grant said...

Homemade pig candy! I love it!

Grant said...

Oh and also, what kind of flatbread do you use? Do you cook them on a pizza stone?

yoony said...

hi grant,

i used lavash from trader joe's. a pizza stone would have been great but i used a baking sheet. i think cooking it directly on the rack would be better though so the middle of the pizza, where it is the heaviest, gets crispy too. of course, a grill would have been awesome. but i'm too lazy for that!

justinsloe said...

thanks for saving Boy pig candy :)