Rosemary Parmesan Polenta Bites


Can you guess where the above polenta "stars" came from? Well its an easy peasy question considering the little polenta circles that left behind the spread of stars is featured on the prior post.

Try to use up scraps whenever you make food. You never know, it might just be super delicious. I broiled off the little polenta stars and here is what came out:


The star edges are essential to this being delicious because they brown and crisp up so nicely. Crispy and cheesy with a teeny bit of heat from red pepper flakes. I think it would make a perfect anju (side dishes that accompany alcohol) to a nice chilled glass of beer. So next time you make polenta cakes, save the leftover bits and transform into something delicious like these polenta poppers!


Tokyoastrogirl said...

Yoony- someone on Chowhounds wants to talk to you about possibly cooking a dinner. What is your email addy??

Tokyoastrogirl said...

I saw a post from someone saying they needed a gourmet chef for an intimate dinner in Silverlake, so I posted about you and your blog. They asked me for your email addy which I will give them now. Keep me posted!

♥dex said...

Ewe-nee for PRESIDENT!

yoony said...

hi tokyoastro girl,

i went to a wine tasting at silverlake wine tonight and guess who's name i saw on the email list sign-up book?! :) were you there tonight?

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Funny- you're the second person who asked me that. I guess Eat, Drink & Be Merry and Oishii Eats (Dylan and Jeni) were there too. I wasn't there but I've been meaning to go to one of those events.

Did the woman ever get in touch with you about the gig?

yoony said...

i was there w/them. :)

yes he got in touch with me and we're working out details. thanks for the reference!

Yoonyang said...

lemme know if you need help for any gigs. i'd be honored to be your sous chef. I might just learn a thing or two, such as what SPECIFIC type of heirloom tomato I'm using. ; )

thanks again for all your treats last Sat. everyone kept saying that the food was fantabulous! i had my yoony to thank for that!

yoony said...

hi yoonyang,

thanks for having me at your awesome party! let's just say i kept sneaking the crab cakes onto my plate. those were so delicious especially with the tomato chutney. your food was really fantabulous and glad i could pitch in. :)

so having read up on heirloom tomatos for a few minutes, i see that some of the ones i tried aren't true "heirlooms" such as the green zebra (which i love) which was introduced in 1985. haha, there is one named "mortgage lifter". anyhow, some heirloom tomatos are labeled just "heirloom" so you could have been right sous chef yoonyang!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

yoony can look at an heirloom tomato and immediately know if it's ready to be taken off the vine haha.

congrats on your lead, you know i'd help anytime.

Gustad said...

mmmm, machu pichu