The Stupidest Person on FoodTV

Sandra Lee, hands down, no competition, period. When I turn on FoodTV and I get a minute's glimpse of this moron babbling off about how "cool and easy" her food is my blood starts to boil. She really gets on my nerves, ten times more than hyperactive loony Rachael Ray.

The food she cooks is digusting. Her table setup is horribly tacky and super matching so everything blends with each other. Even her clothes match sometimes. She goes out of her way to be "semi-homemade" when she can make something homemade and actually delicious for the same amount of time and money. The longest duration I've watched this show is about 3 minutes. She disgusts me.

I am glad to find that others are disgusted with Sandra Lee as I am and that the world is not coming to an end. People like her that promote bad food and bad cooking philosophy should be cast off onto an island and forced to eat only their food til death, which no doubt they will love with their bad taste.


eatdrinknbmerry said...

i can't stand her. the only reason she's on is because she's hot. they could've easily given this job to anyone, like the band members from emeril's crapshow.

the whole semi-homemade thing is a result of being a complete lazyass. the stuff she makes doesn't look appealing, and if she's buying these ingredients from, say, whole foods, she must be spending some CASH on it.

her wardrobe is from the united colors of benetton and which is a palette of the most painful colors ever seen. can we say electric hot pink???

tablescapes. no thanks. if i saw that kind of clutter on a table i'd throw it off the table haha.

*high-5* on hatred for sandra lee. rachael isn't that far off but atleast she actually cooks with EVOO, not the PAM-spray stuff sandra keeps well stocked.

yoony said...

god, foodtv sucks now. i miss the old days when there was less competition and crappy shows and more cooking.

sometimes i watch rachael ray on mute or with the volume really low. she's not so bad as long as you don't listen to her and watch her super exaggerated facial and hand movements. lol. i guess that just leaves her 30 minute food which is only 30 minutes because it's super coordinated and practiced.

Daily Gluttony said...

Amen sister. Sandra Lee is like a Stepford Wife on crack: Hmm, let's buy some crap from the store and turn it into more crap.

Agree with you that Food TV was much better in the old days! (Though I do like Alton Brown!)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

anthony bourdain reigns supreme over any of the food network hosts.

yoony, recommended reading... Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

yoony said...


hehe. i like your "buy some crap from the store and turn it into more crap" phrase. bc it's so true! she is just a crap-loving tacky piece of crap. and alton brown is cool. so full of useful and interesting info, all packaged in an entertaining show.


yea anthony bourdain is awesome. i will have to get that book. have you seen kitchen confidential on fox? i admit it's not the best show but i am still entertained.

however, his show on travel channel is one of my fav shows of late. supremely entertaining and refreshing. i hate that so many of the food tv hosts are gimicky, fake and rehearsed. like sandra, rachael, giada, michael c and emeril, although i forgive him bc he's a nice guy.

just cook dammit! i wish there was more of jamie oliver, anthony bourdain and the two fat ladies.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

yoony, you can buy Kitchen Confidential off Amazon.com in 'good' condition for like $2.50! i just got his "Les Halles Cookbook" ($34.95) in great condition for $14.95. that's $20 i can save and use on ramen!

justinsloe said...

I saw one where she cooked store-bought tater tots with cheese and after added sour cream.

Gives any drunk college student with the munchies hope that they too can have a show on FoodTV.

Anonymous said...

more immaeatchu please

Santos said...

if you ever have the time, you should read the semi-ho forums at television without pity. it almost makes it worth it to watch the show, for the sheer horrific entertainment of it.