Horror Film, Ice Cream & Ribs... Perfect Summer Mashup

I discovered that the Korean Culture Center Los Angeles has free film screenings every month. To my delight they were showing a few horror films, the Ghost School Trilogy. We watched Memento Mori in their super airconditioned screening room. The film was pretty spooky and it was really nice to get away from the heat.

But then the movie ended and we shuffled back outside into the very hot afternoon. Ice cream seemed like a perfect idea so we headed up to Mashti Malone's, the famous Iranian ice cream shop. Two brothers, Mashti and Mehdi, bought the spot in 1980 and not having enough money to replace the previous business's sign, replaced "Mugsy" with "Mashti" for the interesting mashup name of "Mashti Malone's."

(la times)

I usually get the Mashti which is a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two wafers. Mashti Malone's introduced me to my first rosewater ice cream. Floral, subtle and fragrant, my first time with the Creamy Rosewater Ice Cream was an experience.

This time I decided to mix it up and got the Rose Sorbet (Faloudeh) plus the Pomegranate Sorbet. It's the perfect refresher when you feel like you're melting away. The Faludeh contains rice starch that has been spun into threads, boiled and frozen and then mixed with the rosewater sorbet. Lemon and cherry syrup are available for light or liberal dousing on the sorbet. The Pistachio ice cream and the Rosewater Saffron with Pistachios are also delicious.

As we drove back down La Brea I began get a bit hungry. The sorbet must have upstarted my appetite. Now my tastebuds were wishing for something savory. How convenient that The Pig is on La Brea too. We had the Baby Back Ribs, which are hickory-smoked dry-rub ribs, and the St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs which have a vinegary tang. I personally like the dry ribs better. The sides are just so-so but their sauces are great.


I've read so many bad reviews about The Pig. I don't think I'm as picky when it comes to ribs so I'll leave the ratings up to the experts and keep my fingers bbqued up.

Mashti Malone's Ice Cream
1525 N. La Brea

The Pig
612 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 935-1116

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