Hip Cooking Class for Hip Students

I arranged a private cooking class at Hipcooks for my birthday bash. Monika Reti, our instructor, taught us various tapas dishes we can "oooh" and "ahhh" people with. How? Easy, stress-free recipes, eye-tantalizing presentation and fresh ingredients. Let me add one very important principle to that: give people good booze.

If you can be a "sneaky" cook by using the above principles, you can throw a grand party for your pals. The class was very hands-on. There was slicing, whipping, beating, sauteeing, crimping and even sangria making. Everyone also got pretty boozed up because we kept wanting more sangria. We were a boozy group of students.

There were a few nuts and potatoes flying around, but we all survived and the food was delicious. Everyone had a really great time. Hipcooks got voted the best cooking class in LA and has also been featured in LA Weekly and DailyCandy.com. If you sign up for a class, please mention me as a reference!

The Menu...
Candied Walnuts, Cashews and Pecans
Marinated Olives
Manchego con Membrillo (quince)
Spiced Chickpeas & Tortilla Toasts
Tortilla de Patata (spanish omelet)
Camarones Bravas (shrimp w/ saffron & pepper flakes)
Salad w/ Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Monika Reti


♥dex said...

Yay for hipcooks!

I am just remembering how late everyone was but how much fun we ended up having.

More birthdays like this, please!


Los Angeles Cooking Classes said...

Taking part in a cooking class is fun and memorable. Makes a great birthday bash.