Authentic Rustic Italian at La Terza

La Terza
(from LA Times)

Needless to say, LA is not renowned for great Italian food. New York has Little Italy and Boston has the North End and Los Angeles, we have bad pizza and little to no access to great Italian cuisine. Except for Gino Angelini's La Terza and Angelini Osteria. Sadly, I have not eaten at Angelini yet but I can definitely vouch for La Terza.

La Terza's rustic Italian cuisine really hit my tastebuds spot-on. The White Truffle Ravioli was so light, the Roasted Duck Leg perfectly carmelized, the Polenta, light and creamy and the Osso Bucco so tender. And to finish off the meal, Ricotta Fritters with Marscapone Ice Cream and Sour Cherry Compote. I was a very happy girl that night.

One dish I wasn't too fond of was the Beet Salad with Gorgonzola and Walnuts. It was a bit too plain or maybe I just don't like beets. I would have much preferred to have grilled radicchio with the gorgonzola and nuts. Besides that, all the dishes were delicious and the dining experience very pleasant and satisfying.

La Terza
8384 W. 3rd Street

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